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… a place where nature and cosmetology work together in the name of beauty and wellness. Our domain is not only professionalism and customer care, but also using a wide range of natural products which provide comfort and minimize the risk of allergies. Meticulously selected products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and other unhealthy substances that appear in 95% of care products on the market. We work with natural oils and butters, herbs, algae, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and safe hypo allergic creams. Great results of our treatments can be achieved by our know-how as well as nature, which effectively supports rejuvenation processes. We encourage you to get familiar with our broad offer and try our treatments.




The world is speeding up and the pace of life is overwhelming for many people. Both those working physically and intellectually suffer from all sorts of neuralgias and tensions. A great way of normalizing the state of muscles is a massage. Professional massage is not only relaxing, but also improves blood circulation, skin flexibility and general mood.

Massage can also be an effective weapon in fighting unwanted fat. Combined with our Dead Sea mud wrap, it will help you reduce weight, making the skin more tensed and cleansed.

Our Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage is a meditative and relaxing ritual, which has a good impact on both body and soul. This type of massage is based on long smooth moves across the whole body. In addition to coconut butter or avocado oil and Hawaiian music, your spirit will travel to the endless beaches of Kauai.

For the most demanding customers we have a hot stone massage – especially recommended to smokers and people working in hard conditions. Hot basalt stones contribute to releasing toxins and heavy metals which will leave the body through open pores of the heated skin. Apart from cleansing, this kind of massage stimulates blood circulation and gives maximum relaxation.


Body treatments

Body wrap

It is a nourishing and regenerating treatment. The base of our wraps is always made of natural ingredients such as for example mint, brown sugar, coffee, rum, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, linen oil, sour cream, etc. Different parts of the body are first covered with a nutritional substance, and then wrapped with foil to prevent oxidation of the blend. The treatment not only guarantees well-being, but also has moisturizing and skin tightening effect.

Whole body peeling

Peeling made of natural ingredients helps not only with removing sebum and dead skin, but also has a positive effect on skin’s flexibility and general blood circulation. We highly recommend combining this treatment with one of the massages we offer!

Paraffin of hands and feet

Paraffin is a well-known and proven method of deep moisturizing. The treatment is preceded by peeling and oiling hands/feet. After that hands/feet are dipped in warm liquid wax which gets dry instantly. Paraffin has a moisturizing and heating effect. It is highly recommended to those who suffer from rheumatism and those whose who have a serious problem with dry skin of hands and feet.

Facial treatments

Face is the most presentable part of every person, so we usually devote most attention to daily care of this part of the body. The Faroe Islands’ windy climate makes facial skin care a particular challenge. Thanks to our treatments maintaining good skin condition becomes much easier.

Face massage

This seemingly simplest treatment, is also the most effective. A professional face massage in combination with suitably chosen nourishing cream or oil has a fantastic impact on facial skin: relaxes, firms the skin and muscles of the face and places the specimen deep into the skin. Facial massage can be a treatment in itself or an addition to other procedures offered by us.

Cavitation peeling

It is a procedure in which a special machine removes top layer of dead skin. Cavitation peeling is ideal for all skin types – even the capillaries. After the peeling a special nutrient mask is applied. The treatment goes with a face massage.

Mesotherapy – derma roller

A bunch of cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid. However, in addition to an ordinary cream is has no chances of getting deep into the skin. Mesotherapy – derma roller helps hyaluronic acid to reach the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin. Derma roller is a small roller densely stuffed with microneedles that make tiny injections in the skin surface and let the nutrient components come through. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia – beforehand we apply a thin layer of EMLA® cream all over the face, which gives a feeling of stiffness. Afterwards derma roller comes into action. During the treatment we apply pure hyaluronic acid. To maximize the effect soothing mask of algae or collagen is applied. Mesotheraphy is preceded by a facial massage. NOTE: The procedure is directed only to persons above 25 years of age.



If you have been dealing with discolored blemishes and eczema on you face, acid treatment is something just for you. Concentrated almond acid (50%) effectively removes or lightens blemishes and breakouts, giving the skin a fresh look. The treatment is combined with vitamin & tea tree oil purifying mask and phototherapy session which equalizes skin color. NOTE: Cosmetic consultation is necessary prior to procedure.


This invasive procedure is highly effective when it comes to shallowing wrinkles and complete regeneration of the epidermis. Despite its’ inconspicuous appearance DermaPen® is a revolutionary device – a small “pen” stuffed with micro-needle wipes away the top layer of the epidermis, stimulating skin’s complete recovery. Best results are visible within 10 – 14 days after the procedure. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia – beforehand we apply a thin layer of EMLA® cream all over the face, which gives a feeling of stiffness. Afterwards a collagen mask follows. DermaPen® usage is preceded by a facial massage. NOTE: The procedure is directed only to persons above 25 years of age. Cosmetic consultation is necessary prior to procedure.

Manual face cleansing

This treatment, although not very pleasant, is the best possible solution when it comes to cleaning the deeper layers of the facial skin, getting rid of blackheads and atheromas. The procedure is performed manually or accompanied by sterile needles. Before starting the treatment a pore-opening expanding mask is applied. The treatment ends with a soothing facial massage and algae mask.

Manicure & pedicure

Services offered by Sabina Poulsen.

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In case of any questions, we are at your disposal. We offer free cosmetic and dermatological consultations to select the best treatments for your skin type and help with decision-making.

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Treatment Duration* Price in dkk
Relaxing massage 45 min. 290
Relaxing massage 60 min. 340
Relaxing massage 90 min. 450
Slimming massage

(with a Dead Sea mud wrap)

60 min. 430
Hawaiian massage lomi lomi nui 60 min. 350
Hawaiian massage lomi lomi nui 90 min. 500
Hot stones massage 60 min. 400
Hot stones massage 90 min. 550
Body wrap 20 min. 150
Whole body peeling 20 min. 150
Hands paraffin 30 min. 150
Feet paraffin 30 min. 180
Face massage 25 min. 100
Cavitation peeling 60 min. 220
Mesotherapy – derma roller 60 min. 520
Acids 60 min. 470
DermaPen® 60 min. 690
Manual face cleansing 60 min. 250
Consultations free of charge

* The table shows approximate duration of treatments. Each treatment may be shortened or prolonged depending on patient’s skin reaction, specimen’s effect or other factors.